Buzzfeed has more buzz than any other media site

Buzzfeed has more buzz than anyother media site

BuzzFeed Inc

They’re the 10th largest website in the US and like 120 globally…and they’re still growing. Disney tried to purchase them recently but BuzzFeed told them to screw off because they couldn’t afford them. How can they possibly not become the most successful, prominent news org in the history of mankind when they’re on such a roll?

They’re content is ultra-viral and in addition to that they’ve started to hire pullitzer prize winning journalists. The NYT can’t complete because they’re broke and 20 years behind the industry in every meaningful way. Thought Catalog doesn’t have deep enough pockets, nor does the Atlantic. BuzzFeed is the future of the industry. They’ll eventually become their own conglomerate seeing as they already control the online content/journalism industry via content partnerships and their BuzzFeed network (other sites using buzzfeed’s ads and analytics software).

And on social (the biggest and most important aspect of media), they’re LIGHT YEARS above everyone else because Jonah Peretti is friends w/Zuckerberg (and BuzzFeed pays FB for better placement in their algorithms).

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