Information Freedom

I believe that the absolute freedom of [academic, or artistic] information is a good thing because knowledge/enlightenment is not something that should have to be purchased.

I think that any society that limits access to knowledge is practicing evil because it is society itself that benefits by providing unlimited knowledge to it’s own people.

You can respond to the above argument or keep reading and let me paint you a picture.

Imagine a site that is a cross between netflix and the pirate bay.

This site would have search features and a vast catalog of movies, images, music, art, books, blue prints, academic journals etc. You name it. All of it would be 100% legal and funded.

Instead of seeing pornographic ads on the side bars of this site, you would see ads for “Breading Bad” and “The Flaming Lips.” By clicking on the ad you’d be giving Vince Gilligan [and company] or Wayne Coyne [and company] your Upvote!

These creators are then funded according to the number of upvotes they received with the understanding that they use the money to create more projects.

How these things would be funded is a topic of debate; However, I believe that the benefits of funding a free unlimited body of information dramatically outweigh the cost because the benefactors of such a project would be helping themselves by educating the world around them.

Also, said benefactors have the opportunity to gain wealth by creating something popular and receiving more money as a direct result.

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