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Total Net Neutrality is Impossible

I think that complete and total net neutrality is impossible for many reasons, but here are two

Different protocols perform differently, and enhancing the performance of some is already undermining total neutrality. Yet it might be important to do so.

Should people be able to pay for extra infrastructure? I think they should, but in a way – this undermines net neutrality by giving some people an advantage in how data is served.

There are many more reasons, but here are just two.

Now I don’t think this means that net neutrality is a useless concept – far from it.

I don’t think ISP’s should be able to throttle, for example – and if someone pays for their customers to get better service – it shouldn’t come at the cost of other players who don’t pay.

At the end of the day – I think that I think the important issue is what service providers and companies which serve content should be able to do and what they should not – and the devil is in the details.

Total net neutrality is impossible.